7 Yoga Poses To Relieve Neck Pain

Dolphin Pose

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How to do it:

Again, start on all fours in a tabletop position. Bring your forearms to the floor and grab hold of opposite elbows to ensure that your arms are shoulder-width apart. Maintain that distance as you place your forearms parallel to each other on the mat. Spread your fingers wide and press down firmly into your forearms to lift your chest up and away from the floor.

From here, tuck your toes and lift your knees off the mat and start to walk your feet toward a Downward Facing Dog shape while leaving your forearms on the floor. Try to walk your feet as close toward your hands as possible (feel free to bend your knees here).

Keep pressing your forearms into the floor and expand your chest toward your thighs. Relax the weight of your head and let it hang heavy with gravity. Hold for 5- 10 full, deep breaths.


Forward Fold with Chest & Shoulder Stretch

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