15 Yoga-Inspired Post-Workout Poses For Muscle Soreness

Post-workout muscle soreness is both a good thing and a bad thing. First of all, it is a very good thing because that shows only that you had a successful, muscle-building workout. Brava! It is very important to feel that muscle soreness because it is your hard work. However, you don’t have to suffer because of it. Soreness is usually caused by some small tears of the muscles from working really hard. Thus, you have done a really good job! You are successfully building muscle.

However, if the pain is too uncomfortable and way too much to bear, or even quite inconvenient in a lot of situations, then you need some really good stretches. If you work out a lot, you are going to be sore all the time, so no fun in that.

Here are the best 16 yoga-inspired post-workout poses for muscle soreness you should try. These positions will help you by easing the muscle soreness and pain, and they will also increase your mobility and flexibility for your next workouts.

Thus, relax yourself with these easy and comfortable poses, you will sleep like a baby after a really hard workout!

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