10 Ankle-Strengthening Exercises To Prevent Sprains & Twists

Are you feeling sore on your feet? Is the pain unbearable when you are walking? If even you feel some tingling in your feet then there must be something wrong with your ankle. You will probably be predisposed to sprains and ankle twists. Thus, it is very important to also workout your ankles.

Ankles are often neglected when we perform a strength-training routine. However, they shouldn’t be. Think of ankles as your strong and flexible foundation. When the foundation is strong then you will prevent any kind of injury whether you’re practice tennis or you are just running to catch the bus. Either way, you could easily do these from the comfort of your home.

Even more good news, these exercises will only take a few minutes a day. Thus, you will keep the sprains away. If it’s been a while since you gave those joints any extra attention, keep on reading and see the best ankle-strengthening exercises.

Moreover, these exercises are also perfect when you are dealing with ankle stiffness or pain. Taking time each day to work on your strength and flexibility will ease your discomfort and it will improve your range of movements.

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