6 Pregnancy Exercises To Reduce Swollen Feet And Ankles

When you are pregnant, there will be a lot of changes in your body. The most known are water retention and swollen feet. These two conditions alone can make your pregnancy very uncomfortable. That is because the pressure from the growing uterus and your extra fluid your body accumulates due to the hormonal changes will cause a swelling of the ankles and feet.

Most of the times, as your due date comes sooner and sooner, your swelling gets even worse. However, do not despair. Fortunately, there are a few feet exercises and yoga poses that will help you to manage these problems.

In this article, you will see the best 6 pregnancy exercises to reduce swollen feet and ankles. Moreover, you will also feel fresh and more energetic.

Check them out:

Point And Flex Exercise

Start seated either on the floor with one leg extending out and away from your body or on a chair with one foot on the floor and the other foot elevated several inches off the floor. With your back straight and arms at your sides, point your toes forward and away from you as far as you can without straining or overstretching. Hold for five seconds before bending your foot back, pointing your toes up to the sky and your heel away from your body. Hold for five more seconds and repeat 10 times before switching feet.

Towel Toe Curls (Toe Squeezing)

While seated, place a cotton ball or any other flexible object in between each one of your toes. Once all toes are secure, squeeze your toes together, making sure your abdominal muscles are tight and your back is straight as you do so. Hold this squeezing position for five seconds before relaxing. Repeat this toe squeeze exercise 10 times before switching feet.

Resistance Band In and Outs

Use a thick rubber band to hold your feet together, touching your big toes to each other. Once it’s secure, sit down on the floor with your legs extended out and arms at your sides. Pull the tops of your feet away from each other, feeling the resistance of the rubber band as you do so. Hold this position for five seconds before relaxing. Repeat 10 times.

Ankle Rotations

As you are seated, rotate your foot at the ankle 10 times to the right, then 10 times to the left followed by 10 times up and down. This simple activity will help to reduce swelling by improving blood flow in the leg veins. Repeat this every 2 hours for about 2-3 minutes each leg.

Water Aerobics

There is a weightlessness that happens in water that significantly reduces some of the weight bearing that contributes to the swelling of the feet and legs in pregnant women. According to an American Family Physician study, deep-water exercises like water walking or aerobics can help to reduce pregnancy edema. As water gently presses against the soft tissues, it forces out additional fluid.

Legs Up the Wall

With your legs up the wall, start stretching out the toes and ankles improves circulation. Interlace your fingers between your toes to hold your foot, then rotate the foot from the ankle. Make sure to rotate in both directions. With your legs outstretched, flex your feet, stretch your toes out and roll your ankles.

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