20 Ab-Sculpting Pilates Fitness You Can Easily Do At Home

Side Bend

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Sit on your mat with both knees bent and off to the left side. Lean onto your right hip and prop your torso up with your right arm, keeping it in line with the right shoulder. Place your buttocks, trunk, and hand on the floor in a line toward the back edge of the mat. Keep the body rigid, the head up, the chest out and the abs engaged. On a slow inhale, turn the head left and try to rest the chin on left shoulder, lowering the body until the right calf touches the floor. Exhale slowly and return to side plank, bringing the left arm slowly overhead and alongside the left ear, lengthening through the fingertips. Come back to starting position, knees stacked and bent. Repeat three times before switching sides.

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Side-Kick Kneeling
The Pilates Push Up

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