8 Easy-To-Make Salad Dressing Recipes You Need to Know by Heart

Don’t stress over salads. We’ve created eight easy dressings from common ingredients you can mix together in minutes.

All of these recipes are not only healthier than the store-bought salad dressings, but also have tons of flavour and will surely turn you into a salad lover.

Most of these salad dressings come together in less than 5 minutes. It is so worth it to have a fresh dressing with no preservatives to toss with your favorite salad.

Asian-Inspired Gingery Dressing

I created this recipe completely by accident. I made a quinoa salad once and wanted some asian dressing to go with it. So I started adding things to my blender and surprisingly it turned into this amazing salad dressing that is now one of my staple recipes. Recipe here!

Citrus Vinaigrette Recipe

Tart, tangy and citrusy flavors abound in this quick vinaigrette to whisk together any night of the week you’ve got the good greens to go with it. Recipe here!

Creamy French Dressing

This French hit all the notes that made me love it as child, and the fact that I found myself enjoying this more than most other dressings that more commonly adorn my salads, I knew it had reached a purity level high enough to be move forward to the union with ranch to form France. Recipe here!

Italian Fresh Herb Vinaigrette

Think of this as a much, much improved version of that bottled Italian dressing sitting in your fridge door. Recipe here!

Low-Fat Tangy Tomato Dressing Recipe

This zesty blend is delicious over greens, pasta or fresh garden vegetables. I love that it’s a healthier alternative to the oil-heavy versions sold in stores. Recipe here!

Red Wine Vinaigrette

You just have to taste this homemade dressing and enjoy its flavor. Your taste buds will thank you! Recipe here!

Roasted Garlic & Lemon Dressing

Ditch the boring store-bought dressings loaded with fat and preservatives and whip up a batch of this Roasted Garlic & Lemon Dressing for a light and delicious alternative. Recipe here!

Tomato Dressing

This recipe prove that making a salad dressing from scratch yourself at home is fun, fresh and easy. Most of the time all it takes to elevate a salad to a chef-standard creation is a perfectly balanced dressing. Recipe here!

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