The Best Fitness Workout With A Stroller For A Fit Mommy

Getting back into a fitness routine after having a child can be difficult. From finding childcare to just finding the time, there can be a lot of roadblocks along the way. For a fun and functional way to ensure that you get a bit of activity into your busy day, simply include your child.

The following stroller circuit is one great baby-friendly workout option. Begin the workout by walking or jogging with the stroller. Every five minutes, stop to complete the circuit. Your workout is complete when you have completed the circuit 3-5 times.

Back Kicks

Start this position by standing behind your stroller with both hands on the handles. Lean forward and kick one leg behind you in a swift motion. Then, bring the leg back to standing position. Make sure you have fun with your baby by pushing the stroller forward as you practice your exercise. Make about 15 reps for each leg.

Walking Lunges

Perform slow walking lunges to work on your leg muscles. Thus, push your stroller forward but take long, slow steps, lifting one knee at a time to your chest to stretch it. Make sure you do about 2 sets of 20 reps for each leg. A great walk in the park (pun intended), isn’t it?

Calf Raises

Danielle Busbys is a SuperMom, in my opinion. Let’s try and do this exercise tone your legs. Thus, make a calf raise after each squat to help target both the glutes and the calves in one full move! She usually fits in 10-15 squats-to-calf-raises three times throughout her walk.

Knee Stretches

You could also do knee stretches as you walk in the park with your stroller and your baby on bord. Every time you make a step, make sure to bring your knee up to your chest and hold for a second or two, then release to repeat the same with the other leg. You can do about 20 reps for each leg to feel the workout.

Chest Press

This move should be done uphill. Stand behind the stroller with both hands on the handlebar, arms slightly bent, and your feet hip-width apart. Using your chest muscles, push the stroller away from you, pause, and pull it back again.

Stroller Legs Up

Laying on a mat on your back, place your hands on the footrest of your stroller and grasp the sides firmly. As always make sure your stroller is on the lock option. Straighten your legs out and slowly lift both legs upward towards the ceiling at a 90-degree angle. You can go further if your flexibility permits. Hold for a second and bring back downward. Make about 20 reps and you will feel the burn.

Oblique Crunch

With one hand on your stroller’s handlebar, from a standing position, bring your knee up with your elbow. Make about 20 reps and then switch to do the same with your other leg too.


This move should be done downhill. Stand to face the stroller with both hands on the handlebar, arms shoulder-width apart, and feet hip-width apart. Begin with arms fully extended. Pull the stroller to you, pause, and let it roll back down until your arms are extended again.

Repeater Knees With Squats

Start by standing tall and then get low nice and slowly at the edge of your stroller. Place your hands on the front and then start your repeater knees. Once you performed 3 reps, get into a jump squat position. Then you can switch to the other leg and repeat the same movement.

Crooked Scissor Crunch

Start on your back, having your legs extended straight up on the edge of the stroller. Place your hands straight as in a plan position. Extend your right foot forward, foot hovering above the floor. Then, while exhaling, lift the torso up using the abdominal muscles, as you bend your left knee toward you. Scissor-switch your legs and repeat for 20 reps for each leg.

Peek-A-Boo Crunch

As you already know, nothing is basic anymore once you have a child. Thus, the basic crunch will turn out to be even funnier with an added element for your baby. Lay back in the front of the stroller and PEEK-A-BOO as you crunch up.

Whee Run

This whee run will allow you to have so much fun with your baby. Just start with a little jogging and make sure you push forward the stroller as you do so. It will bring a smile to your little baby’s face and you will also get to lose a few pounds! I call this a win-win situation!

Head-to-Knee Forward Bend

From a sitting position, extend one leg straight and tuck the toes behind the bottom of the stroller. Twist gently from the hips toward the straight leg and fold forward over it.

Side Shuffle & Tickle

This is also really fun to have with your baby! Park your stroller. Facing your baby, side step or shuffle to the right for four reps, touching the ground with your right hand before shuffling to the left for four reps. Repeat for 30 seconds. Make sure to pick up your feet to avoid tripping, keep knees slightly bent throughout the exercise and always keep feet shoulder-width apart.

Single Leg Squat & Reach

Stand an arms-length distance from your stroller, facing your baby. Reach forward with both arms as you lift your left leg off the ground behind you and slowly hinge forward at the hips, bending your right knee, until you can tickle your baby’s toes. Hold five seconds before slowly stand back up.

Standing Side Bend

One-Arm Stroller Planks

Side Leg Raises

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