12 Pilates Ball Moves To Get A Flat Stomach

Stability balls are great to start easily with your Pilates exercises. Especially when you are looking to get a flatter tummy. Thus, they are more than just a funny way to bounce on! You could successfully improve your strength, your balance and get a cardio resistance. Doing these exercises with a stability ball, you muscles will be more contracted and firm.

Also, if you had an injury, you could use these stability balls to get back into shape because you have a different support for your muscle and spinal strain during certain exercises.

Thus, to get the most from a stability ball Pilates routine, make sure you choose the correct size; some exercises require a larger or smaller ball. You will get to know the drill from this article. Also, a general and very important rule of a stability ball is to always make sure your hips and knees are at right angles with the floor.

Let’s begin:

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