15 Fitness Stretches To Improve Your Hip Mobility

It is very important to have hip flexibility. Without it, we won’t be able to do necessary strong moves during our daily lives. Thus, I have for you some stretches with which you can improve your hip mobility. Keep reading!

A lack of hip mobility only means that your body requires you to make different moves. If you won’t stretch your hips, they might tend to get stiff. Some of the reasons for this stiffness include sitting for hours, on your car, your chair at home, your chair at work, and so on. Thus, we are putting our hips in a flexed position.

After a while, all this sitting is only put pressure on our hip and flexor muscles. On top of sitting constantly, we go also tend to do plenty of exercises that also require keeping the hips in a stiff position.

But no more!

Here you have specific 15 fitness stretches to improve your hip mobility and to help you break up a stiff cycle of sitting!

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