10 Outfit Ideas with Pencil Skirts

How good weather begins to make its presence felt, well, I gathered in this article ten different ideas about how to wear pencil skirts, in various combinations. I love skirts like this, and I wanted to share with you these ideas; maybe they can inspire you, so read the entire article and see all the ideas.

1.Pencil skirt + Croptop


I would like to start with a classic, wearable sport skirt, the casual the better. The simple and practical combination of these is perfect for a casual walk day. In this link you have more pictures to check out this combination.

2. Velvet Pencil Skirt


I should continue with an all casual combination, not pretentious and very easy to do, especially if you’re running out of time. You can find more details and photos here.

3. Leather Skirt


Slowly I would like to go in a different style with leather skirt; you will not go wrong again. You can wear it in all sorts of combinations, but if you have a business meeting, with such an outfit, it is definitely going to do a very good impression. You have in this link more pictures and details.

4. Floral Skirt


If the spring comes full of flowers, we should also have a skirt full of flowers, worn with a white top and obviously with something simple in a single color. The skirt has to be a star. Thus, very quickly you can have a very cheerful outfit. You have several models of them here.

5. Lace Pencil Skirt


Lace skirt should not miss from your wardrobe, not necessarily a white one, but a dental skirt. If you have a glam event, this skirt will save you all the time; you will have a fast and beautiful lace skirt. Like in this picture, combined with a men’s shirt, it makes a great combination. Find details in this link.

6. RITA Wrap Pencil Skirt


A RITA wrap pencil skirt is discreet and you can wear it as short as you want, clearly there will be nothing objectionable. If you like these skirts, look in this link for many options to wear it how you see fit for you.

7. Grey Long Skirt


I want to go in the more business-elegance outfit. If you want to try something else at the office but also to be comfortable, look how a pencil skirt, a slightly bit longer, can save you. You might even want to wear them more often. You have many models and combinations here.

8. Pinstripe


This is another outfit for work, very elegant but very wearable and very comfortable; you can move how you want. Instead of the classic stripe pants, this skirt can also have creases, haha. More details and combinations with a skirt like this, you have in this link.

9. Print, pshihedelic print


In order to not have a very elegant outfit at work every time, a little color will be perfect; it will not disturb anyone. Rely on prints someday, all kinds of prints of the most colorful, you’ll see that you’ll have a very good day. You have more combinations in acest link.

10. Plaid


This print will not ever die; you will find it in any fashion accessory. So, a skirt with a printed like this can go perfect one day for cooler fall or spring, when you want a quiet walk in the park. So … look in this link for many other elegant combination.

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10 Outfit Ideas with Pencil Skirts

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